3 new years resolution tips from advanced chiropractic boardman ohio

Each year as the ball drops in Times Square, many of us are preparing to start our New Year’s resolutions. While the specific resolution varies for each person, two of the most prevalent types of New Year’s resolutions are dieting and exercising. For some people, it’s running a mile each day while for others, it’s losing 25 pounds. Well, no matter how big or small your diet and exercise resolution is this year, we’re here to give you three tips to help you stick to your resolution. So, without further ado, here are our three tips:

  1. Walk Before You Run – This should be taken both literally and figuratively. If you haven’t been exercising consistently in the recent months, it’s good to take things slow to start. This is true of both cardio and resistance/weight training. If you’re starting a cardio program, start with a walking program before you progress to running. Same principle goes for weight training. Start with basic floor exercises pushing and pulling body weight and progress as your body makes the adjustment.  If it’s been a really long time and you have other health complications it is a good idea to start by seeing your primary care doctor or chiropractor.
  2. You Can’t Exercise off a Bad Diet – Regardless of how much you exercise, you’re going to struggle to lose weight if you don’t change your eating habits. 90% of weight loss is diet.  Genetics and hormones greatly affect the way people lose weight, some people respond better by eating less carbs while others will see more weight loss by eating less fats so the types of foods you eat can greatly affect how lose weight and how much you can exercise.  Overall you do have to create a caloric deficit but starving yourself isn’t the answer and the type of food you eat and the timing of it can be just as important.
  3. Make the Changes for the Right Reasons – People start and stop exercise and diet plans all the time by making the wrong decision to do it to begin with. By choosing to make it a lifestyle change that you plan to adopt for the rest of your life and not just a short term goal, like fitting into your bikini in the spring, you have a better chance of succeeding.  In order to make it a lifestyle change that is sustainable you have to adopt healthy eating habits.  So starving, counting points and depriving yourself of foods you enjoy eating is not the answer and will likely set you up for failure.  It is the same with exercise you need to find something you really enjoy doing or your won’t do it.  For me I started running which turned into racing triathlons, joining the triclub making friends and creating a social event around working out.  Consistency is the key so it needs to be something you enjoy or can enjoy the benefit of doing or you won’t do it.  Making lifestyle changes is about improving your quality life so you can continue to do the thing in life you enjoy and feel good about yourself.

If you would like more information on how Advanced Chiropractic & Rehab, Inc can help you change your diet and achieve your weight loss goals, visit the Nutrition & Weight section of our website. For more detailed information on these three tips to successful New Year’s resolutions, check out the video below.

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