Advanced Chiropractic Care Helps Man Reduce Reliance on Opiates (WFMJ News Story Link)

This is the story of a patient of ours that was highlighted by the Ohio State Chiropractic Association in a 10 minute video documentary.  In this case we were successful in managing an out of control opioid problem and having a dramatic impact on this patient’s life. What is interesting about this case is that it is a Workers Comp case that was originally only allowed for hernias and nerve pain, no low back pain or spinal conditions.

We were initially asked by the patient’s attorney to try and help him because his pain management doctor was retiring and he had no one who was willing to take him. We were successful in reducing the patient’s morphine equivalent dosage from 600mg a day to 12.  More importantly we were able to free him from the debilitating stranglehold the opioids had on his life.  We chiropractic care, massage therapy and rehabilitative exercises we were able to give him the ability to get out and do things he hadn’t been able to do in years.  Simple activities many of us take for granted such as walking the dog, going to the grocery store were things he was unable to previously perform.  His improvement was significant enough that he was able to walk well enough to be able to participate in his hobbies he hasn’t enjoyed in years such as hunting.

It is amazing what the impact of applying basic functional medicine can be to someone with a complicated problem like Troy.  At Advanced Chiropractic & Rehab Inc We specialize in not only providing the necessary care to achieve your goals but we are also highly skilled at providing excellent case management for even the most complicated cases many would not initially think we can handle.  Having a multi-disciplinary approach and getting you to the proper experts who can help if it is something we can not offer in our facility.