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Shoulder Dysfunction Caused By Neck Pain

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As humans, it is often are natural tendency to think about things literally and straightforward. So it’s no surprise that when we experience dysfunction with our shoulder, we assume that the problem is with our shoulder. While that can certainly be true in many cases, it is also very possible that the shoulder issue could be resulting from an injury in the neck. This is because the nerves that allow you to feel pain throughout your body run from the brain and down through the neck and spine. An injury to the neck or spine can lead to pain throughoutRead more…

Neck Pain and Auto Accidents

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We’ve probably all seen a television show or movie depicting a character involved in a auto accident and, in an attempt to receive greater money from insurance or a lawsuit, they claim to have suffered a painful neck injury. While these characters are designed to exaggerate the effects of the accident for financial benefit, neck injuries after an auto accident are not at all uncommon. In fact, over 90% of auto accident victims report neck pain to some extent, making neck injuries the most common symptom after an auto accident. Additionally, neck injuries resulting from auto accidents can have long-lastingRead more…