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Most women experience pelvic and low back pain during pregnancy and post pregnancy. Chiropractic care has always been known to assist women through and after pregnancy, but the extent of those benefits were only recently brought to light. A study was conducted in 2012 to determine the effect chiropractic visits have on expectant and new mothers. The study, called Chiropractic Interventions and Routine Obstetric Care, was conducted by George JW, Skaggs CD, Thompson PA, Nelson DM, Gavard JA, Gross GA and summarized by Dean L. Smith, D.C., Ph.D. Below are sections taken from the study and summary.

The authors of this study conducted a prospective, randomized, masked clinical trial (including 169 women) to test the hypothesis that a multimodal approach (MOM) involving a chiropractor including manual therapy, exercise, and education for LBP/PP in pregnant women is superior to standard obstetric care (STOB) for reducing pain, impairment, and disability in the antepartum period.

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Key findings of this study were:

    • The MOM group (involving chiropractic care) had a significant reduction in pain on seven indices or areas.
    • The STOB group (not involving chiropractic care) had a significant increase in pain on five indices and only one improvement.
    • The MOM group (involving chiropractic care) reported significantly less trouble sleeping at 33 weeks’ gestation than the STOB group (not involving chiropractic care).
    • No adverse events were reported in either group.

In summary, including chiropractic interventions with standard obstetric care for low back and pelvic pain in mid pregnancy benefits patients more than standard obstetric care alone. The benefits derived are both subjective and objective. Patients perceived less pain, less disability, and an overall global improvement in daily activities. Their physical examinations revealed improved range of motion, stability, and less irritation at the lumbar and pelvic joints.

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