How Much Will This Cost?

Chiropractic Care is one of the most effective and inexpensive treatments available for back pain in our health care system today.

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Is Chiropractic Right For Me?

Most times, yes.  In 2015 the American College of Physicians called for alternative treatments such as manipulative therapy, exercise therapy and massage therapy to be used first, before pain management, medications or surgery. Pain medications and the opioid crisis have cost thousands of lives. In fact, 80% of heroin addicts cite prescription pain medication as their first exposure to opioids. Additionally, back surgeries have many risks and are really only meant to relieve radicular leg and arm pain NOT lower back pain.

Care is typically more affordable than you may think. Treatment costs can be significantly less than medical costs and far less than surgery, pain medications or injections. While most insurance companies have some level of coverage for chiropractic care, most do not cover our services at the same level they will for drugs and surgery.  Despite the fact that chiropractic care has been shown to be safer and have better long-term benefits for treating back pain, most insurance companies will still have better coverage for drugs and surgery.

So, What Will it Cost?

This is probably the most common question we get from new patients and it’s also one of the most difficult for us to answer accurately without first getting to know you, your health history and condition.  It is very difficult to determine what it will cost up front because each patient has very different needs and we always tailor your care plan to meet those individual needs. Additionally, treatment plans will change as your condition changes or improves. This is one of the reasons we offer a FREE CONSULTATION so that we can get an idea of what your treatment plan could look like and if our treatment is right for you.

Steps to Determining Costs

Step 1


First, we must determine the cause of your problem and if this is something we can treat or if it will require more urgent medical attention. Fees vary depending on the complexity of the exam and the length of time our physicians spend with the patient.  New patient exams range in cost from $75 for our basic exam to more than $200 for detailed and complex exams.

Step 2

Type of Treatments Needed

Once we get to know you, your health history and the cause of your pain, we can determine what TYPE of care you will require. Chiropractic is a profession but manipulative therapy is not the only way we can treat you. Most of our patients will receive a plan that will cover many modalities and could be covered by their insurance under medical care, chiropractic care or physical therapy. Your examination and treatment plan will be tailored exclusively for you.

Step 3

How much treatment is necessary?

We respect your time and money and we understand the difficulties that lengthy appointments can create. For this reason, we set goals and expectations for your care and we prescribe the minimum care we feel is necessary to achieve the best outcome. With functional based care (like chiropractic, physical therapy, or even just going to the gym) you need frequency and duration of treatment in order to obtain optimal results. These care plans will last from 4-6 weeks with 10-12 visits. Some acute care plans may be as few as 3-6 visits, depending on the condition and any past treatments you may have received.

Step 4

Costs of treatment plan

Now that we know what the problem is, what treatments are most appropriate and approximately how much treatment you will need, we can put together a plan with actual costs. A typical treatment plan for a new patient with an uncomplicated lower back pain will range from 6-12 visits and from $300-$1,800. Most initial treatment plan costs will fall within this range with or without insurance coverage.

So what does my insurance cover?

Good question! This is quite confusing and seems to continually change each year!  The good news is we will determine this for you before you begin any treatment.  We have highly skilled Patient Care Coordinators who will work with you to help determine what your best options are and can even set up convenient payment plans to spread out the up-front costs to fit your budget.

This is the amount you are responsible for paying before your insurance company will cover any of the expense. For example, if the total cost of your treatment is $1,000 and you have a $500 deductible, you pay the first $500 then your insurance will pay the remaining $500.

This is a set amount you may owe per visit, regardless of what is done or billed. For example, if you have a $20 co-pay and we prescribe a 12 visit treatment plan, you will owe $240.

This is a percentage owed based on the total bill for that visit.  For example, if the total bill for a visit is $110 and you have a 20% co-insurance, you will owe $22 for that visit.

Here are 2 examples of how a deductible with a copay versus a deductible with coinsurance would work.

Your treatment plan is set and we have prescribed a 12-visit plan that is covered by your insurance at the contracted rate of $1223.

  1. You have a $300 deductible and 20% co-insurance.  You pay your $300 + $184.60 (co-insurance) for a total cost of $484.60. Your insurance plan should pay the remaining balance of $738.40.
  2. You have a $300 deductible and $20 copay. You pay your $300 deductible (which would be met in the first two visits) +$20 for the remaining 10 visits for a total cost of $500. Your insurance plan should pay the remaining $723.

We accept most insurance plans but it is important to remember most insurance plans are purch