What is this going to cost me? Does insurance cover it?

You do not need insurance to be able to afford an effective care plan.  Care is a lot more affordable than you may think.  While treatment is highly individualized, most patients advanced payment plan average $40-65 a visit depending on the level of care they require.  We also offer payment plans that can defer the upfront expense to help you get the care you need now.

While most insurances do cover care in our office, most patients will have some level of out of pocket expense or just leave out the second most insurance plans. Many insurance plans have limitations on the amount of treatment or types of care they are willing to pay for.  Coverage is highly dependent on what the employer chooses for coverage.

Some insurance plans, like Medicare and Medicaid, will only cover spinal manipulation and will not cover the patient examination or any additional therapies the patient may need.  Most auto injury and work injury cases will have little to no out of pocket expense but the patients are still responsible for their bill once their case is settled.

We understand that much of this can be very confusing and difficult to navigate. Our experienced staff will be happy to verify your benefits and let you know in advance what your out of pocket expense will be before we begin any treatment.

Once you start you always have to go.

This is not true but when you find something that works and is effective wouldn’t you use it again? Most people will have significant relief in the first few visits with the majority of their pain and symptoms resolving in the first two weeks of care.  Most care plans are 4-6 weeks in total duration with most injuries requiring only 1-2 rounds of treatment to get significant lasting pain relief.

Chiropractic care is about restoring function and correcting abnormal movement not necessarily treating pain. While most patients get fast relief of symptoms with care, correcting functional problems and changing the body to improve health can be a much longer process.

Do I need a referral?

No referral is necessary to see the doctors or receive treatment in our office.  Chiropractors are actual physicians and trained as such with Chiropractic school following much the same curriculum as medical school.  For this reason, we are considered point of entry healthcare providers and are qualified to diagnosis your condition, order any diagnostic test you may need or even refer you to a specialist if your condition requires such.

I have been told to rest and take medication for my back pain first.

Several studies have shown that active early intervention in back pain often times will have a faster recovery and better long term benefits than medications and bedrest.  Most medications have been proven to have little benefit in the treatment of both acute and chronic back pain with many of them having very serious side effects.

The American College of Physicians recommends spinal manipulation, acupuncture, massage, and exercise therapy FIRST before the use of dangerous opioid medications.

I had a previous back surgery or I have slipped discs and was told not to see a chiropractor.

A very large percentage of our patients have had a previous low back surgery and almost all of them have some spinal disc issue to some degree. Chiropractic is a profession not a treatment so while traditional spinal manipulation may not be the best treatment option for someone with an acute disc herniation or previous spinal fusion, there are many other treatment options we offer that can be just as safe and effective.

I went to Chiropractor and it made me sore or didn’t help.

We often times offer a new approach and insight to treatment that may be different than what you’ve had in the past.

Studies have shown that close to 90% of those who see a chiropractor report some benefit and greater than 70% of them will be highly satisfied.

There are many treatment options and a bad experience with one can easily be avoided or changed. If your condition is something we can not help we will refer you to an appropriate specialist and find someone who can.