As we all know, the older you get, the more wear and tear our body experiences. One area of the body that is particularly vulnerable to wear and tear over the years is our knees. Recent studies show that an increasing number of middle-aged people are seeking total knee replacement surgery. While knee surgery has seen many improvements over the years, it is still invasive, which always carries the risk of complications, and costly.

However, studies have shown that people with osteoarthritic knee pain experienced a significant drop in pain levels and less frequent clicking and grinding sensations after a chiropractic knee adjustment. These patients were also better able to perform daily tasks with increased mobility. Equally important, patients who received chiropractic knee adjustments did not experience any negative side effects that are often a result of invasive knee surgeries.

The use of chiropractic knee adjustments can realign the joints in the knee, thus reducing inflammation in the knee. In addition, chiropractors can recommend activities and exercises that can increase mobility in the knee, allowing patients to continue to live their normal daily life. Chiropractic knee adjustments and the recommended exercises can help slow degeneration in the knee, thus eliminating the need for surgery.

In addition to chiropractic knee adjustments, chiropractors can also offer other treatments to help reduce pain in the knee. After performing an examination of the knee, a chiropractor is able to recommend different treatment options, based on the cause of the knee pain. If the pain is being caused by inflammation, the chiropractor may recommend ice to reduce the inflammation. Your chiropractor may also recommend a soft tissue massage of the tissue around the joint to increase range of motion. Additionally, a chiropractor can utilize maniuplation and mobilization techniques in areas of restricted movement in the knee and surrounding joints. The combination of all of these techniques can help reduce knee pain and increase the overall movement and function of the knee.

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