Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Boardman Hubbard Kinsman OhioMany of us remember when we were in Elementary school and the whole class got called into the nurse’s office to get our annual scoliosis exam. While many of us may have found that exam to be useless and, for some of us, embarrassing, the importance of this exam cannot be understated. If diagnosed as a child, precautions such as wearing a brace can be taken to correct the issue. The later in life the condition is diagnosed, the more pain the person will experience as they age. However, while there may not be a cure for scoliosis, chiropractic care can greatly reduce the amount of back pain experienced by the afflicted person, while also reducing the curvature of the spine.

A recent study, published in US National Library of Medicine, concluded that people who suffer from adult scoliosis saw significant reductions in pain and disability after receiving chiropractic treatment and exercises. The improvement in these 28 patients’ condition was seen both immediately following treatment and also 24 months after treatment was concluded. Most patients who participated in the study also saw a significant reduction in the Cobb angle of their spine, which measures the curvature of the spine, in some cases up to 10°. This was a groundbreaking study in the chiropractic field, as it was the first study that showed sustained benefits in the long-term after treatment had ceased.

In many cases of adult scoliosis, the patient will not only experience pain as a result of the curvature in their spine but they may also experience trouble breathing normally. Many patients in the study who were experiencing trouble breathing normally also saw an improvement in their breathing as a result of the chiropractic treatment they received. For many of these patients, this was the first time they were able to breath normally in several years, thus improving their quality of life. While chiropractic care may not provide significant improvements for all patients who suffer from scoliosis, there are no risks associated with trying chiropractic as a treatment method for scoliosis. When combining the potential benefits of chiropractic care for those with scoliosis with the lack of risks associated with the treatment, it appears to be a no-brainer that chiropractic should be considered by anyone who has been suffering with scoliosis.

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