Chiropractic Care provides effective, fast relief for muscle pains.

Myofascial pain syndrome sounds like a very serious and complicated medical condition. While it can be very serious for many people, it’s actually much simpler to understand than the name would indicate. Myofascial pain syndrome refers to chronic pain and inflammation in a specific muscle or group of muscles. This condition affects approximately 25% of Americans and an estimated 85% of middle-aged and elderly Americans.

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Myofascial pain syndrome can be caused by a number of factors including injury to intervertebral disks, repetitive motions, lack of activity, or in some cases medical conditions that may seem unrelated on the surface such as heart attacks or stomach irritation. Often, identifying the cause of the pain can be difficult to identify, especially in cases of referred pain, where the area experiencing pain is not the area where the myofascial pain generated is located.

Due to the often uncertain nature of myofascial pain syndrome, it can often be difficult to effectively treat pain stemming from the condition. However, chiropractic has been found to be an effective treatment option of myofascial pain. In fact, chiropractic spinal adjustments have scientifically been proven to decrease pain and sensitivity stemming from myofascial pain syndrome.

A recent study compared chiropractic patients to non-chiropractic patients and came to the conclusion that chiropractic adjustments were an effective treatment option for myofascial pain. In this study, the chiropractic patients experienced pain relief immediately following their spinal adjustments. This study builds on previous research to show that chiropractic is a safe and effective way to treat pain resulting from myofascial pain syndrome.

In addition to spinal adjustments, chiropractors can also utilize other treatments to relieve myofascial pain. Myofascial release therapy focuses on relieving muscle tightness around pain trigger points. Due to the difficult nature of identifying the specific point where pain is originating from, myofascial release therapy is often used over a wide area of muscles and tissues. The combination of spinal adjustments and myofascial release therapy make chiropractors a top choice in finding effective treatment for relieving pain from myofascial pain syndrome.

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