Patient Success Stories

Meet Shannon

Shannon Donaldson came to our office with chronic low back and hip she had been dealing with for several years.  She has been to several medical specialists and physical therapists and had several different diagnostic tests performed with little to no benefit.  We were able to relieve Shannon’s low back and hip pain with manipulative therapy, dry needling and Graston Technique.  She reported significant relief within the first few visits, and we were able to resolve the majority of her condition within 6 weeks of care.

Meet Thomas

Thomas Rice came to us with a serious work injury that had gone mostly untreated for several years before we were able to finally get him care.  His condition had resulted in him eventually requiring surgery on his cervical spine.  He continues to have problems and has been sent to pain management as a result. Mr. Rice gets significant relief with care and reports having to take significantly less pain medications when receiving chiropractic care.  He is able to do more and live a more normal life when receiving chiropractic care.

Meet Louis-Jean

Louis-Jean is a lifetime Chiropractic patient who has used treatment to help with chronic conditions. Her treatment has given her the ability to continue to function well in daily life.

Meet Roger

Roger Schmid had previous low back surgery and was told he needed a second surgery.  After trying chiropractic and getting excellent results Roger was able to put off having to have second low back surgery!

Meet Sandy

Sandy Simmons was severely injured at work and totally disabled as a result. Sandy has found alternatives to opioid pain medications with chiropractic treatment and massage therapy.  Sandy continues to receive care, but her treatment is frequently denied by OBWC despite effectiveness.

Meet Angela

Angela Jones was suffering from chronic neck pain and headaches that started with a car accident several years ago and never improved or went away.  With chiropractic care Angela was able to completely resolved her symptoms in less than 8 weeks of therapy!

Meet Gary

Gary Vanesky Long time patient of Dr Crum’s, getting relief and improved ability to function through chiropractic care. Gary has MS, which is a progressive chronic disease, but he finds chiropractic treatment helps.

Meet James

James White’s chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain were relieved with chiropractic care.  James experienced symptoms that were severe enough to prevent him from returning to work. Chiropractic treatment helped him get back to work as a union insulator!

Meet Mike

Mike Flickenger, a long time patient of Dr Lyons, utilizes chiropractic care to help maintain ability to work and perform physical job as delivery driver.  Mike receives chiropractic treatment for chronic low back and knee pain.

Meet Roy

Roy Watson was injured at work after getting a metal splinter in his hand that developed an infection and resulted in multiple surgeries to his hand and thumb. He is no longer able to return to his previous job as a result of his injuries. Roy has experienced relief and improvement with therapy.

Meet Dawn

Dawn Borosko was injured at work several years ago and left with chronic knee pain after a surgery.  Dawn previously had extensive treatment and physical therapy with minimal improvement.  After 4 weeks of care with Advanced Chiropractic & Rehab, Inc. she is markedly better and improving with treatment.

Meet Troy

Troy Mazur had multiple hernia surgeries as a result of a 1988 work injury that left him totally disabled and a chronic pain patient.  His pain management had gotten out of control and was in need of help.  We helped Troy get off the pain medications and into an appropriate pain management program.  With treatment, we were able to effectively take his daily morphine equivalency down from 600mg to 12 mg per day while working with his pain management physician. The Ohio State Chiropractic Association produced a video documentary on his case to highlight the benefits of chiropractic in dealing with the opioid crisis.