Injured at Work?

Get help with your workers’ compensation claim and get the treatment you need to get back on your feet fast!

You have the right to see your own Doctor, you do not have to go to the “Company Doctor” or the doctor the Managed Care Organization at BWC sends you to, it is your Right to Choose!

    Make sure you report ALL injuries even minor ones to you employer. What you think may be a simple muscle strain that will get “better on its own in a few days” can often times lead to bigger problems that can have a serious impact on your ability to remain on the job.  It is important to report these injuries to the employer and get examined by your doctor.

      Low back injuries are the #1 cause of disability in working age Americans, do delay getting the care you need and putting your future at risk.

      We treat and manage all work injuries regardless if you require chiropractic care.  We can act as your Physician of Record (POR) on any Ohio BWC case.  We will fill out your claim forms, order any diagnostic testing you need and make any necessary medical referrals to other specialist for care.

        Once you receive proper emergency room care you will need to find a doctor who can help you with your workers comp claim.  Many primary care physicians and medical specialists will not accept OBWC patients as Physician of Record (POR).

        Often times the ER doctor will not fully diagnosis your condition may give you a simple muscle strain or contusion which may prevent you from getting the treatment you need.

        Knowing what to do when injured at work can be overwhelming.  A claim needs to be filed with Ohio Workers Compensation Claim you need to have a doctor to properly diagnose your condition and order proper diagnostic tests or recommend treatment to help you get back on the job.

        Often times you will need to see a Doctor to be cleared for work duties. If your injuries are preventing you from returning to work you will need a doctor who can fill out the lost time request for you to workers comp benefits.

        Quick & Easy Steps to Getting Help with Your Workers Comp Claim

        Report Your Injury

        Make sure you report the injury to your employer and seek any emergency care you may need.

        Choose your Doctor

        Next Choose a Doctor who is on your side and can get you the care you need to get back to get on your feet and back to work.

        Claim Forms

        Our highly trained doctors and staff will fill out your necessary claim forms.  Forms such as the First Report of Injury (FROI), disability forms such as the MEDCO 14 or forms you will need to get care such as the C9 Treatment Request.

        Get Treatment

        Get the treatment you need!  New Ohio BWC cases are allowed 12 pre-authorized visits for chiropractic or physical therapy automatically.  We will get you in FAST to start you on your road to recovery.

        How it Works

        Step 1

        CONTACT US

        Schedule a FREE case evaluation. We typically will get you in to see the doctor within 24 hours of scheduling and sometimes the same day.

        Step 2


        We are here to help by selecting one of our physicians we will file your First Report of Injury FROI or if you have an older case you choose one of our doctors as your physician of record.

        Step 3


        Our highly trained staff will make sure your paperwork is filled out and filed correctly so there is no delays in getting treatment and receiving your benefits from workers comp.

        Step 4


        Over 85% of our patients will report significant relief in the first two week with the majority of them getting back to work with minimal delays.

        We are not limited to just back injuries!  We treat many occupational injuries including hand wrist injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder injuries like rotator cuff strains, knee injuries such as torn meniscus, neck and head injuries including concussion management.

        We can make necessary referrals.  If your condition is something our doctors or therapist can not help you we will get you all the necessary diagnostic testing and to see a medical specialist who can help you.  We can still act as your physician of record (POR) even if you are not treating with us.

        We accept most cases, even older ones!  We have many chronic and disabled worker comp patients that we help on a daily basis.  We help manage many complicated chronic pain cases and work closely with several pain management facilities in our area. We also offer chronic and supportive care services for injured workers with permanent injuries.

        Treatment is Safe!  We do not prescribe dangerous and harmful pain medications and fewer than 2% of low back pain patients will require surgery when seeing a chiropractor first vs a medical doctor.

        What Are Our Patients Saying?

        Don’t just take our word for it. See what our patients say about how we’ve helped with their Ohio workers compensation cases and general chiropractic care.

        I absolutely love coming to Advance Chiropractic! Doc and his staff are an AMAZING group of people, they truly care about their patient’s needs and wants to get better. They provided me with great health tips on getting my body back to where it needs to be after my work accident. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

        – Bre’Shawn W.

        I recently got into an accident at work and this place has helped a great deal. They do everything they can to accommodate you and work around your schedule. The nurses are wonderful and the doctors are extremely competent. I won’t go to any other place!

        – Randi G.

        When I injured my back, I was able to promptly receive treatment from Dr. Lyons at Advanced Chiropractic & Rehab. After a few sessions of treatment at the facility, and following the home exercise instructions, I quickly saw results and have since made a full recovery. The staff was very friendly and professional. Additionally, Dr. Lyons was very informative about exactly what had happened to my back and provided great advice to avoid a similar injury in the future. I strongly recommend Advanced Chiropractic & Rehab for treatment.

        – Matt G.

        Get Help Now

        We file new OBWC claims and take on older cases – and no matter what, we always offer free case evaluation.

        New patient exams do not need prior authorization by OBWC and no referral is necessary. New patients are typically seen within 48 hours of scheduling.